DripDrop's Medical Mission in Costa Rica

Escape To recently collaborated with DripDrop to send one of our photographers, Brian Baldrati, on their medical mission to Costa Rica. The DripDrop team along with their partner FIMRC spent several days providing life-saving dehydration relief and medical care to refugee communities on the outskirts of San Juan.

Below are a few snapshots from the field and ways that you can get involved in DripDrop’s mission.


Dr. Dolhan, DripDrop’s founder, provides children dehydration relief in a refugee settlement.


The DripDrop Team assessing the site where refugees from all over South America are living in Costa Rica.


Our photographer Brian Baldrati captured moments of relief that families felt after receiving much-needed medical attention.

Weeks after returning from Costa Rica, I haven’t been able to forget the families that I met. While many of us may feel that the refugee situation worldwide seems hopeless, I learned that with the right intention and team, we can solve problems like health and nutrition. I am grateful to DripDrop for the hope that this trip and their overall mission has instilled in me— Brian Baldrati, travel photographer and content creator

How to Get Involved

  1. Learn more about DripDrop’s mission work and follow them on social media for updates from the field.

  2. If you are volunteering or traveling abroad and working with under-resourced communities, consider bringing a few DripDrop ORS with you. Often times, travelers ask us what they can bring to children as a donation. The ORS are a way to provide them with a simple healthcare solution that they can benefit from.

  3. Spread the Word. This collaboration has allowed our team to learn more about how dehydration is easily preventable, yet causes so many diseases and deaths around the world. Share photos from the field with family and friends and explore the hashtag #sticktoyourmission campaign on Instagram.

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