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Since 2010, we have led the effort to change the way people travel. Through volunteering and immersive local experiences, we have been at the forefront of meaningful travel and influencing for good. 


Our Mission

Escape To... pioneers meaningful travel experiences through volunteering abroad, travel blogging and immersive tours to showcase the work of dozens of non-profits and social enterprises to address cultural preservation, fair trade, education, climate change and conservation. 

Our Vision

Escape To... envisions a world where we can direct the power of social media and volunteer travel away from tourism that hurts the environment, people and cultures and towards a more equitable cultural exchange that benefits all who are involved. Through influencers, international volunteers and responsible tourism partners, we are empowering the next generation of changemakers who choose more sustainable ways to experience the world.

Escape To... connected me to a travel blogger who created incredible content, is deeply involved and invested in my non-profit in Myanmar and New York.
— Erin Zaikis, Sundara Fund

What We've Achieved

  • Hosted 600 international volunteers, travelers, travel bloggers and influencers.
  • Conceptualized influencer marketing campaigns for the Goa Tourism Department (#Escape2Goa) and the World Fair Trade Organization (#FairTradeWeek2017).
  • Hosted international universities from the United States, Singapore and Japan on experiential educational and cultural programs for faculty and students. 
  • Organized over 300 weekend excursions for travelers at homestays, eco-lodges, coffee plantations and world heritage sites. 
  • Enhanced the digital marketing efforts of 30+ brands in health, non-profit and travel through content creators.
  • Partnered with over 60 non-profits and social enterprises to address education, women's development, water conservation, solar technology and more.