Our Vegan Tour of India

This month we wrapped up our Vegan Tour of India which was dubbed “A Vegan Adventure”. By all accounts, it truly was an adventure. Each day brought an exploration of different food, different neighborhoods of the city, a variety of workshops and meetings with the local vegan community and surprises that we never planned on the itinerary. Not being a typical travel company that only offers tours allowed us to offer the group activities that locals do on a daily basis. Sometimes it is in these ordinary experiences that travelers find the most authentic spirit of the country they are traveling through. Check out some of the highlights from an amazing group of vegans from around the world, traveling through India.

1) Road trips are definitely more fun when you stop for endless plates of vegan South Indian food. Millet dosa and Akki Roti were a HUGE hit.


2. Street Food is very exciting and an alley filled with vegetarian/vegan street food is even better. We tried all different kinds of food, lychee fruits and mango and coca cola popsicles.


3. Impromptu Indian Wedding? Yes Please! Also, saris make us look amazing.


4. This was supposed to be a vegan adventure and so we rode jeeps all the way up to the top of the hills at 3:30 in the morning to catch the sunrise. It was exhilarating and worth it.


5. Eating on a banana leaf is more delicious and more sustainable than on plastic!


6. Sometimes we got a little lost while hiking…at least the surroundings were beautiful


7. Even vegans need to take shots every now and then


8. Indian markets are full of color


9. We need to support India’s animals. Travelers and locals alike can donate to assist injured and abused wildlife.


10. India’s vegan food scene is growing and it’s best experienced by traveling here to explore it.


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