Combining Non-Profit work Into Your Travels

We are so excited to announce our brand new projects for 2018-2019!  We stand by the fact that Escape To... has some of the most unique and varied internship and volunteer opportunities within the international education community.  Here are new programs that you can sign up for starting…immediately!  You can apply by sending over an email to

Art Internship:



International interns can gain experience in India’s art community by helping to empower rural artisans and providing support and resources to create awareness about art throughout urban populations. Interns will be working for a start-up that focuses on the following things: 1)Corporate Art: Helping rural artists sell their work. The initiative is to help struggling rural artists by showcasing their talent on the global market, helping them sell their paintings, and providing them with resources to pursue their passions. 2)Enrichment: Focus on enrichening the livelihoods of tribal communities located in Southern India. Help make their products more marketable/appealing/contemporary to the common public. Help increase income for these craftsmen so they can make a sustainable livelihood for themselves.

Dance Internship:


We has an opportunity for those interested in music and dance to intern at a dance company in India that specializes in dance and fitness classes. Interns will get a chance to help coordinate an organization that has helped bring contemporary dance to India’s urban population, create a rich range of options for its students such as Bollywood and fusion, and helps empower street children through dance and performing arts. This is a great opportunity with those from a music and dance background who want to experience modern India’s dance culture. Interns will focus on: 1)Coordination with staff and artists 2)Marketing and promotion of performing arts 3)Management of partner and student relations 4)Assisting with charity and outreach projects for street children dance initiatives 5)Assisting with any events or performances 6)Working on communications and correspondence (writing, editing, drafting) 7)Learning how to run a successful performing arts space. 


Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation:


Interns can get involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of urban wildlife and outreach programs about animal welfare to universities, corporations, and communities. There is a 24 hour rescue call for injured, traumatized, and abandoned animals that need emrgency care. There are also mobile ambulances that treat injured, sick, and ill animals. In a 2-3 month time period you would be able to handle over 300 animals, many of who are endangered and fighting for survival. Some of them would be cobras, parakeets, eagles, vultures, owls, slender loris, fruit bats, hares, etc. You will also be able to work with the forest department to go out and seek out illegally detained wildlife. We would also love every intern to bring their own proactive ideas about how to increase awareness about animal protection within urban India.

Interested in getting involved either before or after your trips or simply as a one off experience? Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you! 


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