Group Trips vs. Private Tours

Fairkonnect provides senior travel and vacations for adventurous retired travelers looking for meaningful experiences in India or Sri Lanka. Seniors often join our small group tours such as our Vegan Adventure in Sri Lanka which are generally 8 to 10 people from around the world that are interested in sustainability, vegan food, and animal welfare. We also provide private tours for families, couples and singles looking for customized, off the beaten track itineraries.


Learning Adventures

With a focus on workshops and meeting local non-profits, initiatives, activists and scholars, Fairkonnect incorporates education, dialogue and idea creation for seniors looking to learn more about the destination and culture. Our workshops address climate change and sustainability of a particular city or village that we might be visiting, culinary evolution, medicinal herbs and plants as well as non-profit development.


Volunteer Travel for Seniors

While there is a proliferation of volunteer abroad programs around the world, Fairkonnect connects skilled travelers with decades of work experience to local non-profit initiatives. Our projects such as water conservation on a coconut farm, installing solar panels on a Buddhist temple, educating young girls on menstrual health and other social good initiatives. Seniors can opt to stay and live in India to volunteer for 2 weeks to 12 weeks or include it on our group trips.

Speak with a Travel Consultant to learn more about our programs, tours and travel experiences for Seniors or those that are looking to retire soon.

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