Prachi Jain has led numerous travelers and volunteers around South Asia. She is excited to run the workshops with the local Sri Lankan vegan and environmental community. Prachi wants travelers to experience the distinct and unique Sri Lankan culture and cuisine, prior to colonization and modern day Indian influences. She is most excited about having travelers taste the amazing Sri Lankan spices and spending a day in the rainforest. Jain’s favorite vegan Sri Lankan food is sambol.


Roz Smith is an Australian yoga teacher who has explored Asia through vegan and ecological perspectives. On a recent trip to India, she led morning yoga classes in the coffee plantations. Roz believes that travelers can make a difference by supporting causes and initiatives that they care deeply about. She is excited to kick off the mornings on the trip with yoga and to meet the non-profit leaders of organizations doing great work in Sri Lanka. Roz’s favorite vegan Sri Lankan food is yet to be discovered…


Pradeep Krishnappa is a social entrepreneur focusing on fair trade and sustainability in fashion and travel. Through numerous visits to Sri Lanka, he has fell in love with the country’s people, spirit and landscape. He is most excited to share a train ride through Sri Lanka’s countryside and his favorite beaches with the group. He’s especially looking forward to finessing his yoga practice in the mornings! Pradeep’s favorite Sri Lankan food is beetroot and jackfruit curries.